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Emerson Enydrive converter application in industrial washing machine

Date:2010-08-07 13:59:02
In recent years, industrial washing equipment, washing equipment, especially the main drive more and more popular, the drive for industrial washing equipment and thus brought a new technological revolution, from the earliest non-speed semi-automatic washing machines to with two two-speed motor to achieve the four speed automatic washing machine, and eventually developed into the only section of a multi-speed motor can be a modern washing machine.

Automatic washing machine washing process is as follows:

    First, add water, Reversible washing 25 minutes after washing, drainage, into the dehydration stage, the dehydration stage, including uniform, in the process of de-and high off the three, the uniform that is without water and in the case of higher than the washing process forward rotation speed of 1.5 minutes, so that even clothes in the washing machine drum attached to the inside of the follow-up of the dehydration process to make smooth; drainage, the increasing speed into the speed the dewatering process (2 minutes), followed into the high-speed dehydration process (5 minutes), so that the moisture content of clothes down to the required level.

Set the speed of two ways:
    1) The way to multi-speed, set directly on the drive speed of each stage;
    2) Dedicated control computer through the washing machine to set the communication speed of each stage.
Running at each stage:
    Washing:30rpm About
    Uniform:60rpm About
    Middle off:400rpm About
    High off:700~800rpm。

    Requirements of industrial washing machines to provide high torque drive, multi-speed, wide voltage range, automatic slip compensation and convenient means of communication; performance is stable, able to adapt to a variety of hotels, hotel laundry room temperature, high humidity environment; inverter suppliers can provide timely and perfect service, in short, requires the drive to adapt to the specific industrial washing machine washing process requirements and specific service requirements of customers. Since 1992, my company began to explore production of automatic conversion of industrial washing machines, has introduced the brand in Europe and Taiwan inverter, the first successful test in the country, due to the industrial washing machine in the drive key components of the core, the two brands in quality, service and price are deficient, in 2001, we introduced the United States EMERSON (Emerson) drive, EMERSON company's "focus on customer needs," business philosophy, and all over the country and the world service centers and UNPROFOR attracted Drive Center We, EMERSON drive performance, reliable, affordable, easy adjustment, easy to operate, according to the company's technical requirements, EMERSON first inverter using the V / F curve automatic regulation technology, automatic diagnosis according to the washing conditions and adjust V / F curve, so that washing a smooth start, the current decreased in 2001 for the first time in my company the application of 200kg-automatic washing machine, run so far, stable and reliable.

Schematic diagram of electrical wiring industrial washing machine:


    This year, in order to further reduce costs, improve product competitiveness, the company also introduced a new variable frequency motor drive required to provide a new manual motor V / F curve adjustment function, ENERSON Our company has developed for the new drive to increase the multi-stage V / F curve function. In industrial washing machines, called for V / F curve is as follows:

    The figure: a, A representative of the lowest voltage and lowest frequency
          b、B Voltage and frequency among the representatives of the middle
          c、C Represents the highest voltage and the fundamental operating frequency

    (A, a) points can be at the origin, A range of between roughly 0 ~ 4HZ, a range of roughly 0 ~ 25V, adjustable (A, a) point can affect the start-up torque, thus affecting the device washing speed. If (A, a) points down, the device of the starting frequency is low, washing machine Start slow and steady, low starting torque required to drive large.

    (B, b) points directly affects the regulation of the operation when the current washing equipment, this is a very important point. If (A, a) and (B, b) the slope between the big points, that V / F curve steep slope, the operating current will be great, but the slope is too slow does not work, there need to be adjusted based on experience.

    Washing machines as an example to 100kg:
    (A、a) Point:2HZ,24V
    (B、b) Point:25HZ,112V
    (C、c) Point:50HZ,380V
    After the 100kg washing machines on the test (the drive for the TD2000-4T0110G, 11kw), obtained as follows:



Starting current(A

Running Current(A













Middle off





High off





    The above data are derived from two-day trial, during which there have been four hours of continuous operation conditions, without an unusual accident, the drive temperature is very small. In addition, 30kg, 50kg, 70kg models have reached a similar conclusion. In use before the new drive motor and EMERSON, 100kg automatic washing machine to run when the current is 30A or so, you must use 15KW inverter. It can be seen, EMERSON drive washing equipment in our company has played an important role in reducing costs. EMERSON drive is indeed a washing device for high-quality drive

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