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SafetyEYE_ and PSENvip application on the machine

Date:2010-08-07 20:13:13

Legislative flag automation network in January 2008, a leader in safety automation-Pilz has introduced two new technology-based security sensing equipment, were SafetyEYE and PSENvip. They have adopted the visual technology to monitor areas of the image display.

SafetyEYE is the world's first safe camera system, using its installed in the top of the monitored area, can the region below the three-dimensional monitoring of the maximum mounting height of 10m, monitoring an area of 120m2, level of security to SIL2.


So SafetyEYE applications in which the most suitable occasion? SafetyEYE usually required for those who are often in the past several sets of safety light curtains or safety scanner (Scanner) to achieve safety-related requirements of the occasion. The following figure, this is a car windshield coating station. By the logistics line will be transported to the adhesive coating of the windshield of the two stations, to be transport belt to stop campaign, field staff adhesive into the work area. In such a work area, if the use of our traditional safety light curtain and scanner as a security device, how to use it? Each station that we need to use a set of security screens and a security scanner for regional protection, the two stations a total of 2 sets of safety light curtains and need 2 to complete the security scanner. Found in the following figure we can install safety light curtains and safety of conventional scanners requires additional planning before the installation position and requires a lot of time to adjust security screens used to install and debug security scanner. In the production process, due to frequent on-site staff will move, so installation is in the field of safety light curtains and safety scanner is likely to be hit by field staff. If the security screen was pushed away from the correct position, then the production line will be triggered due to security screens stopped. So they need to start to adjust security screens, will certainly affect the overall plant productivity.

So if we use SafetyEYE to monitor how the work area will bring different results? As the largest SafetyEYE monitoring range up to 120 m2, so only a SafetyEYE can cover a work area so you can omit the original two sets of safety light curtains and two security scanner. In terms of price, SafetyEYE cost-effective relative safety light curtains and safety system consisting of scanners to be high. On the technical side, SafetyEYE using three-dimensional photography, so it can be three-dimensional area under its control, which is security screens or security scanners can not achieve. PC, users can flexibly control the SafetyEYE the region divided into multiple independent monitoring area, so that user equipment after the transformation and so on. In addition, through an Ethernet connection, SafetyEYE live real-time images can be transferred to PC, to facilitate production in the main control room real-time monitoring working conditions, and also has a camera. In the installation, since SafetyEYE is installed above the area being monitored, so the machine just above the fixed SafetyEYE and slightly adjusted to. In the normal production process is almost impossible to touch the field staff to SafetyEYE, so he did not happen accidentally shut down the production line phenomenon.

SafetyEYE Configurator is SafetyEYE configuration software, users simply install it on PC, can be installed in the field of regional SafetyEYE configuration and real-time image display.


By SafetyEYE Configurator user can configure the monitor 3 types within the region.

Danger zone - when the operator touches to the zone, SafetyEYE output cut will trigger security controller, the machine immediately stops running. 

Warning Area - When the operator touches to the zone, SafetyEYE will trigger the safety controller allows the machine to run slow, so the operator can reduce the risk of the machine also can remind the operator that he had entered the warning area.

Shielding region - are configured in hazardous areas or warning area. When the operator into the shield zone will not affect the risk of its peripheral area or warning area.

In the normal production process, the user can SafetyEYE connected via Ethernet on-site PC, display monitor for real-time conditions.As shown on the left, which is a robotic cell, PC, we can clearly monitor what happens in the scene, and can SafetyEYE Configurator capture images of the scene.

In summary, we see SafetyEYE is a new technology under the product that will change the birth of our traditional concept of security zones monitored.

It also uses the visual technology PSENvip for place?PSENvip is the Pilz safety protection for the press brake system development.The use of a unique, innovative optical concepts to visually monitor the working process of bending machine for bending machine to provide efficient, flexible, high availability security.Resolution of finger protection, security level for the Cat.4.

PSENvip installed on both sides of the workpiece bending machine, up and down together with the workpiece. It moves up and down with this with the characteristics of the workpiece, making the bending machine has a higher availability.

PSENvip below the workpiece in the bending machine to form the red as shown on the left of the three protected areas. When the operator's hand when the trigger of these areas, PSENvip will be a safe and reliable signal output through the security control module connected to a safe and reliable power to cut off the appropriate valve, so that the workpiece bending machine safely stop running, to avoidoperator injury.

At present, many bending machine has a "box-type bending" function, if you use the traditional safety light curtain, the operation will bring a lot of inconvenience. So the new product PSENvip Pilz in this respect there any good solutions? PSENvip bending machine can provide security for 4 different modes of operation.

    PSENvip left on the communication interface, you can, and security control module, and CNC systems to communicate, so that users can easily change the operating mode to improve availability.

Embedded in the panel display for easy user installation and adjustment.As a result of innovative optical concept, PSENvip for astigmatism, vibration and reflective ability to have a certain immunity. In addition Pilz also will integrate the new version of PSENvip point of detection, user-friendly parts of the processing of qualified examination.

SafetyEYE and PSENvip the launch for us in the security field of industrial automation to provide a new better solution. Pilz Safety Ambassadors will continue as a global research and development of high technology and high quality security products, is committed to protect the machine and human security.

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