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China Unicom will launch a more extensive coverage of all cities GPRS expansion

Date:2010-08-07 13:55:58

  Recently, the informed sources, announced the official opening of the GPRS services, China Unicom launched a nationwide GPRS network expansion on a larger scale, the goal is to cover all prefecture-level cities.

  Earlier, China Unicom has said that China Unicom's GSM network has been able to provide large-scale national service 70 cities in the 2.5G GPRS network. But the person said, China Unicom is just not satisfied with GPRS network coverage in these cities, the next step will be to cover all the prefecture-level cities GPRS network, involving two or three hundred cities in the country.

  According to the plan, China Unicom is the first in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Dongguan six cities representative of GSM networks to 2.5G, for wireless Internet access, data services using GPRS; then a total of 70 cities; Next is all the cities.

  It is reported that this upgrade to the GPRS network is not complicated, just need a software upgrade on the network architecture. Informed sources, the upcoming large-scale expansion is expected within three to four months to complete.

  G network expansion for China Unicom last year and had to spend to upgrade to the GPRS network of billions of investment in China Unicom's investment plan this year is still mainly used in GPRS network, a piece of "fat" will cause intense competition for business related equipment.

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