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What is 1G/2G/2.5G/3G? GSM? GPRS?

Date:2010-08-07 13:57:25

1G (first generation) that the first generation of mobile communication technology, such as the now obsolete analog mobile network.

2G (second generation), said second-generation mobile communication technology, on behalf of the GSM, the digital voice transmission technology as the core.

2.5G 2G and 3G is based on the transition between the type of representative GPRS, than 2G in speed, bandwidth has increased, the existing GSM networks can easily achieve simple and high-speed data packet access.

3G (third generation), said third-generation mobile communication technology, for high-speed, broadband data transmission, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) called IMT-2000 (International Mobile Telecom-munication), the highest available 2Mbp / s data transfer rate mainstream technology, CDMA technology, on behalf of a WCDMA (Europe, Japan), CDMA2000 (U.S.) and TD-SCDMA (middle).

What is GSM?

Global System for Mobile communications system (Global system for Mobile communications) abbreviation, 2G mainstream technology, the data rate of 9.6kb / s.

What is GPRS?

General Packet Radio Service (General Packet Radio Service) in abbreviation, the system based on GSM wireless packet switching technology, is a mainstream technology for 2.5G, theoretical maximum data rate of 171.2kb / s.

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