Online Trial Application Note



The company releases a special product for customer trial to give back to new and old customers.

Trial Product Name: EN3011XP RDTU GPRS

The trial is divided into four stages:

Stage I: Trial Application

Please complete the form below and submit the application form, only one for each customer.

Stage II: Product Release

After receiving the application report, the company will send the trial product within a week by express

Stage III: Product Trial

The product trial period is within one month from the date of the express delivery.

Stage IV: Trial Ending

After the trial, if you need to order this product, please contact our sales staff; if you are not satisfied with the trial, our professional and technical staff will contact you to understand your comments or suggestions for our products. If we cannot meet the actual demands of customers after communication, please send us back the trial product.


Note: This product needs to use China Mobile SIM card and open GPRS function. Please use flow rate monthly payment according to your actual demands. The company does not provide free SIM card. 

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